Why the new Samsung Tab 750 is a Style Blogger’s Delight.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, just launched in India, is the internationally available Galaxy Tab 10.1.

I’ll get to the fluffy “feel-good” part in a bit, but first things first.
Let me throw this thought at you – if the Samsung Galaxy Tabs are so easily dismissable,  then why is apple going red in the face trying to prevent Samsung from marketing the Galaxy Tab in Europe ?

Without using up too many words on extolling the virtues of the iPad, let me just say this much- sure, there is no doubt that the iPad is a brilliant tablet phone but it’s not the only great tablet phone out there.
When you stack up the features of the currently reigning version of iPad and those of some leading Android tablets like the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (aka Tab 750 in India) ,  you realize that while the Galaxy Tab is no “iPad killer” the superiority of an iPad is running wafer-thin .

Then again, apple isn’t a cult brand for nothing and Steve Jobs isn’t considered a brilliant marketer for his storytelling ability alone.Watch out, the apple and android phone wars are only going to get hotter.

Okay, now that we have established the basic premise of this post, which is-
the apple iPad might be leading right now, but Sammy’s Galaxy Tab is snapping at it’s heels and is simply too good to be ignored , let’s move on.

Right, now why is the new Galaxy Tab a fashion blogger’s delight ?

Here’s why-

  • Large 10.1 inch fabulously bright and clear Hi-definition display
  • One of (if not the) the lightest and slimmest tablets around
  • The latest version of Android OS which works pretty well on the tablet format
  • Peripherals and apps for taking photos and videos, making voice and video calls, recording audio, and playing music
  • Video calling (front camera)
  • Convenient access to Facebook, Twitter, discussion forums, and other social networks
  • Excellent web browsers, email, and calendar apps
  • Flash support
  • Ability to watch movies and shows streamed from both free and fee-based online video aggregation services (e.g. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu, Crackle, etc.)
  • Great apps for leveraging online resources such as maps, shopping, news sites, dictionaries, language translators, Wikipedia, etc.
  • A choice of free e-book readers, with easy downloads of both free and paid books
  • Tons of free and paid games

All of these features add up to a device that is cool, efficient and saves precious time when gathering and managing content. This in turn, means a blogger can create a good stockpile of stuff that serves as raw material for upcoming posts. Having a great pipeline full of inspiring content, just waiting to be crafted into a nicely written post, is every blogger’s secret source of bliss.

Admittedly there is no single Tablet phone (or any other device for that matter) out there, that can replace all the gadgets a blogger would need to do a stellar job of blogging which typically (at least for established blogs) includes recording
in-depth interviews, editing high quality videos and highly detailed crystal clear photographs and a host of other stuff to manage the blog’s operations ; but between the Galaxy Tab 750 and a great camera, I think you are pretty much covered ,  especially from an “on-the-go”content gathering and research perspective, and that is saying something.

Some people are grumbling about the lack of enough Samsung apps, the slightly plasticky feel and the fact that Android OS isn’t (yet) ready  for tablets , but these are still early days, and everyone agrees that Samsung is getting really good at bringing out winner after winner.

For full “tech specs” and a complete run-down of all the features , check these  links




Disclaimer– The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 has just been launched in the Indian market and this review is based on the currently available information

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